Safe birth means healthy mother and child

Safe birth means healthy mother and child
Safe birth means healthy mother and child

Every family has a lot of dreams, a lot of hope, a lot of plans If mother is not cared for during pregnancy, then childbirth can be seen in different types of problems. Undesirable accident. So you have to be ready for all the time. So let’s come today, we do not know about some of the problems of childbirth and solutions.

Safeguard plans

Delivering is a natural natural process. However, it should be remembered that complications can arise at any moment. If unproductive and unintended delivery, both mother and child can have both childbirth and tetanus of the child. Although everything is normal, care is needed at this time.

The purpose of care during delivery: .

Take steps to prevent infection.

. As much as possible, the mother and the baby should complete the delivery through the injuries.

. Be prepared to face any kind of complexity Child care, such as:

. Help in breathing . Pulse care . Eye care etc. These are all necessary for the prevention and recovery of infant infections.

Safe delivery and planning is very important to avoid the risk of the life of mother and child. So it is important to have a pre-requisite to cope with the early care of the family members, immediate care of maternal and newborn and emergency situations.

It is safe to give birth to a health center or clinic

Transportation needs to be maintained in order to move to a health center for urgent needs.

. The blood donor should be kept in order of 2/3 people.

. To save money and money from the beginning of pregnancy.

. If it is not possible to give birth to a health center or clinic, then in the meantime the child will be delivered by trained midwife or health worker. That’s why he has to be contacted in advance