The sperm of men decreases due to the sperm

The sperm of men decreases due to the sperm

Studies have shown that the number of sperm can be reduced by some common habits.

. One of the reasons for men’s infertility is the reduction in sperm count and quality. Studies have shown that the number of sperm can be reduced by some common habits. There are many different reasons for decreasing sperm count. Daily practice and unhealthy foods can reduce the number of sperm in the breeding ground.

Some of the men can have negative effects on their sexual health, which are important. Many couples are facing problems due to lack of sperm quality. Some unhealthy everyday habit of the common ones is highlighted here.

1. The habit of drinking soft drinks

If you prefer carbonated drinks or soft drinks and very cold drinks, then sperm mobility may be affected. Drinking a bottle of carbonated beverages a day can reduce sperm mobility. Likewise, if you drink too much beer, the sperm can become weak. Because, carbonated beverages contain excess sugar, which inhibit the formation of insulin in the body and reduce sperm mobility.

2. Keep the phone in the pocket

Feeling safe to keep the pants in the pocket before fear of losing the phone. But it is also potentially harmful for sperm

3. Keep the laptop on the lap

Using laptops may be more convenient to use. But due to this habit that a child becomes less likely to take a baby hug. Yes, some basic elements of the laptop can kill sperm. The machine needs to be cool, which must be left out of the body. Because, when the laptop is placed on the lap, it comes in contact with the hot body. As a result, sperm can die.

4. Use intense hot water

At the end of the day’s work a long warm gourd is definitely worth it. However, if a steamy hot shower does not occur at severe temperature, then sperm can be damaged.

5. Less sleep

There may be all kinds of problems with less sleep. Sperm will be healthy after resting on the mind and body. The need for complete sleep for effective and active sperm. In that case, a man has to sleep for at least seven to eight hours.

6. Slimiest jeans

Slimiest jeans may look attractive to men but jeans may reduce the number of sperm count. The more pressed jeans or pants stays with the body, so the heat produced is not good for sperm

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