If you want to keep healthy and beautiful skinake fault, so do not use this kasametiksa gulo

If you want to keep healthy and beautiful skinake fault, so do not use this kasametiksa gulo

Multiple case studies have found that most chemicals and components are used in most of the market in most of the products, which do not increase the beauty of the skin, rather they do severe damage to the skin, and the most frightening thing is that most of them do not look at this topic. As a result, the risk of developing various complex skin diseases increases. Not only that, in some cases, the likelihood of skin cancer may increase. So if you want to keep the skin beautiful and disease free, then you must keep an eye on this article. Because this article is used every day, many cosmetics are discussed, which in many ways has severe skin damage.

1. Deodorants:

Some studies have found that the materials used to make deodorants are often used in the irritations in the skin contact, due to which it causes irritation, redness of the skin and the risk of serious damage to the skin. For this reason, the high degree of deodorant cosmetics

2. Bleach Cream:

Many people put the bleach cream on the face to make the skin white. Cosmetic use results in some cases. But this kind of cream is harmful to skin, many people do not keep the news. In fact, a number of studies have found that most of the bleach creams present in an extracellular skin called the Hydrocodone only causes skin damage to the skin that increases the risk of developing multiple skin diseases.

3. Tolkomm Powder:

A few days ago, a lawsuit against a foreign-based prostitution company began in the US Court. The allegation was that the use of this baby powder for a long time or the possibility of having cancer-related diseases. Think of how terrible it is! But using the brand alone can cause harm to the body. Because the research says that using any type of powder can lead to various types of diseases. In particular, allergic and fungus fever can be severely damaged. As well as the beauty of the skin began to decrease. So be careful.

4. Hair calor and hairdryer:

Such auspiciousness may be susceptible to allergic diseases such as allergic reactions, hair loss, skin inflammation, caddishness of the skin, redness of the body, itching and breathing difficulties can head out. In fact, many hair dyes have phephanelendiumine, which increase the risk of developing cancer, as well as inhibit the treatment of reproductive toxicity, neurotically, allergy, immune toxicity and various skin disorders.

5. Moisturizer:

This cream is used to return the lost moisture to the skin. But in reality, such a cream is not good for skin. In fact, most of the characteristic contain some elements that destroy skin bacteria. As a result, instead of increasing the humidity of the skin, it started to decrease further. As well as the prevention measures on the skin itself, they also start to weaken. As a result, the risk of developing various skin diseases naturally increases.

6. Nail polish:

The most common use of the cosmetic after lipstick and lipstick is the nail polish. But do you know, how much painting this painting has to do with nails and skin damage! Especially red and black coloured nail polish is applied every day, then there is a serious harm to nails. As well as the effect of various chemicals, nail yellowing is also occurring. In fact, the nail polish has an element called acetone. This chemical makes the nails weak. Along with that, gradually began to reduce beauty.

7. Kajal:

Kajal does not seem to be able to find someone who does not use eye to enhance the beauty of the eye. But this decoration is not good for eyes. Because many cases studies have shown that using Kajol or Surma regularly increases the risk of getting an eye infection. There are also possible diseases like Conservatives, billet, Gloom, Dry Eye and Congenital Disorders. And why not say or tell! The toxic substance is used in such a way that it does not take long to ease the eyesight.

8. Lipstick:

Laughingly, the girl uses this cosmetic to enhance the beauty of the lips. But do you know that the cosmetic started regularly losing the lip moisture. As a result, the beauty of the lip is low. Along with that there is a serious loss of lip. In fact, most of the lipstick is used by some ingredients, which is not good for lip at all. In fact, many lipsticks are also used to harmful substances such as leds. You may know that even a small amount of lamps are not good for our body. So, the lipstick that has this chemical, day after day, how much damage can be used, it will definitely not tell!




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