What needs to be done in the eye careā€¦. very importent

What needs to be done in the eye care…. very importent

Eyes are an essential part of our body. And if this happens in the eyes then there are many problems and there is no suffering. And now a situation arises that many children are seen in glasses when they go out on the street. Imagine the number of specs users are now much more than any other time. That is, it is naturally understood that people are not so interested in eye care. As a result, there are many problems in the eyes.

There are many reasons behind eye problems. Most of the time, unaware of the fact that watching TV, keeping in front of a computer, not eating rich food, and how to take care of the eyes is the main reason for eye problems.

Until I took glasses I was not very careful about the eye. But now there is a lot of forced work to do. And in continuation of what I learned from the experience –

Wash your eyes with water again and again – every time you get the time you will take a glimpse of the face of the face. The eyes are clear in it. If you are praying for five times, then it will be 5×3 = 15 times washable. There is no need to think about washing your face anymore.

Eat fish at least once in a day – Bengalis once used to roast fish were very common. But the current price of the fish is in that case only as a “past memories” will remain after. Fish is a great beneficial for your eyes. Especially small fish. There are a lot of vitamin A in it. That helps to keep our eyes light.

Try eating eggs every day – “Eating eggs are good?” – A lot of the questions in mind might have started to read this point. But it is true, but it is true. Eggs are very useful for eyes. The egg contains antioxidant lutein and alkaline which protects the eyes from various problems.

Practice plenty of vegetables and fruits – vegetables and fruits are beneficial for eyes and it is proven in the study. And so I eat more vegetables than curry-vegetables. You can also practice this. Especially fresh vegetables and fruits can bring back the lost light of your eyes. As a result, vegetables are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Beta carotene, Fatty acid, Zinc, Lutein, Xanthan etc.

Do not torture the eyes – It is better to look at computer continuously or do not do any such work that is painful. After some time, look at at least 15-20 meters away, you can keep eyes closed for a few seconds if necessary. The persistence of perseverance on the eyes of the eyes will be somewhat useful. And to have good eyesight, you must make sure you have enough sleep.

Take caution when reading the lens in your eyes – If you have the habit of reading lenses, then you have to be careful enough. A slight inconvenience can make your eyes bigger damage. Try not to miss the lens too long. The lens’s solution will be changed after three months. Many people use the month after the solution is not finished, which is harmful for the eyes. Three months after the opening of the solution will drop it.

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