Easy way to speed up computer

Easy way to speed up computer

The thing that makes everyone’s mind feel bad is the speed of the computer. If your computer works very slowly while working, you may have the same condition. So let us know how to speed up the computer.

Here are several methods to talk about. If you follow these, your computer will always work faster.

1.The reason behind the slowing of the computer is that the Windows registry. Because the virus, spyware, adware etc. are the first attack. So the first thing every day should be to clean the registry. Manually clean the registry is a bit difficult. Usually, the registry cleaning process is done through the software. There are many free tools available online. A CCLEANER of By using Ccleaner you can easily clean up your computer’s registry.

2.The second reason may be unnecessary files. When you can use a computer, it can be heard by listening to music, browsing the internet, many types of log files, catch files, temp files, etc. are stored on the computer. And these files help to reduce the speed of the computer. So it is better to clean them regularly. You can do this by removing and deleting them using computer cleaner software. There are many such tools you will get online. Ccleaner and such a tool.

3.Everybody knows that if a file is deleted from a computer, it will not be deleted. It is deposited in the Recycle Bin. Many people usually do not empty the recycle bin. But if the file is in recycle bin, it can also cause the computer to slow down. So it is possible to speed up computer speed by clearing regular recycle bin.

4.Even if you install unneeded software on your computer, it can slow down your computer. Many programs in Kenana have been launched in the background as soon as the computer is launched. As a result, the computer is slow. Many of them have the habit of installing different software on the computer and their activities are seen. But forget to delete at the end of the work and even if they are not needed. So, watching software installed on the occasional time should remove unnecessary software

5.This issue may be a little new to many. Many of them did not even hear its name. Disk driphragment Files on your computer will be scattered when you are using a computer. Because of which the computer may work slow while working later. So, to make the files coherent to do the driphragment occasionally. There are default tools for Windows. However, you can use different software down.