Intercourse with a pregnant wife: some Emergency talk

Intercourse with a pregnant wife: some Emergency talk

If the woman is healthy and normal during pregnancy, she is not allowed to have sexual intercourse with her. However, using some precautions, there is no problem.

But it is better to abstain from sexual intercourse for the first three months of pregnancy. In the second trimester, it is possible to have sexual intercourse depending on the couple’s wishes. But it also depends on the condition of the pregnant woman. It is advisable to consult a pregnant physician if needed.

It is important to take some precautions in pregnancy. Otherwise, the chances of a great loss of the child and mother are increased.

* Try to stay away from sexual intercourse for the first three months of pregnancy. On the demand of the second three months couples, and for the last three months pregnancy will be accompanied by sexual intercourse.

* The most important thing is to consult a doctor for pregnancy related intercourse.

* During pregnancy, as long as there is no sexual intercourse for such seats. This is a loss for both the mother and the womb. So, this time you have to be careful about the sexually-minded seat.

* Anxiety in the wife’s body becomes strong during pregnancy. So it is necessary to meet union carefully.

* If the wife is ready, she may be able to have sex with her husband below.

* The last 4/5 months pregnant women should not insert full penis into the vagina. Again, it is not desirable. So it is very careful during this time.

* After the delivery of the baby, one and a half months, the wife has to rest from sexual intercourse. Because, due to the fact that democracy is very sensitive, there may be a lot of bloodshed or a terrible accident.

* For any reason, there should be no intercourse in case of problems related to bleeding, pre-birth pains, cervical neck problems, flowering problems in the womb and sexual anesthesia.

* It is very important for the pregnant women to have no pressure on the wife’s abdomen during sexual intercourse and to facilitate the reconciliation.

In this case, if you meet with knees and hands, there is no pressure on the pregnant woman’s stomach.

* During pregnancy, husband and wife can enjoy sexual pleasure through various sexual activity.