Keep these three exercises regularly to keep eyes healthy

Keep these three exercises regularly to keep eyes healthy


We exercise arms, legs, stomach and even back. But did we ever think about eye exercises? Eyes our partner all the time. Make some exercises easy to keep eyes better every day. It will reduce the visibility of your eyesight, such as increasing eyesight.


  1. Keep the eyes healthy and close the eyes


If you get enough sleep every day, then your eyes are very good. Because the eyes get enough time to relax. With the help of fingers to relax your eyesight this exercise-


Close the eyes

– Put a pair of fingers on the eyelid

– Make a light pressure for 2 seconds

– 5 to 10 times this way


– Open eyes slowly at the end of the exercise so that your eyes can easily adapt to external light.


  1. Turn your eyes


Are you angry when you get angry and angry? Now do it with eye care.


– Round the eye diamond from the left and turn left again

– 5 to 10 times this way

– Now turn to the opposite direction that is right

– 5 to 10 times this way


  1. Look at the side


We look at our right or left side of the horoscope. But that’s why we wander the head. Do not move the head This exercise-

Sit down or stand up for this exercise first

– Try to watch as far as possible (without prepressing the eye)

– Keep your eyes fixed for 5 to 10 seconds

– Now look at the left and not the head, the maximum is as far as possible to look at

Wait 5 to 10 seconds

– Look similarly to the right

– Wait 5 to 10 seconds again.

– At least 10 times the exercise.


Every day this easy 3 exercises will eliminate the stress of your eyes. Looking around with all-time electronics products, we have a lot of pressure in our eyes. So these exercises are very important. After that at least 1 hour, keep your eyes closed by moving your computer or smartphone from the eye.


Take it at least 1 minute. There is a normal eye-fall procedure for eye. The eye of looking at the electronics products is wrong, to make eyebrows. So take a few minutes to close his eyes and give him a rest day. Keep your good, keep your eyes beautiful.