Why is the itch of women’s hands? How to handle the hand

Why is the itch of women’s hands? How to handle the hand

Eczema can be anywhere in the skin. Among them, one-handed head of the hand, who can swim with water, can easily be exposed to those women who come in contact with soap or soda. The patient has to be firmly vigilant to cure longevity. Here is the solution for women’s itching disease. Women with ecstasy can have many types of piracy problems. Find out why this is itching, how to prevent this itching disease.

Eczema Symptoms: At the beginning of the disease, the finger bursts with red and dry, blisters from the skin of the hand. Many times the skin bursts and there is a scab. If there is a finger on the finger, the one-sided prototype around it.

The people of that profession are also affected by this disease, not just the woman, the profession is forced to burn water for a long time or to wash hands frequently with soap. For example, doctors, dirt cleaners, fish and water dealers and many others.

 Dosage from food: Ginger, onion, tomatoes, carrots, figs, pumpkins, brinjal, and papaya can also be a problem. The national part of the food protein often produces allergic reactions. For example, potatoes, wheat, shrimp, crabs etc. Allergy may also be due to exposure to plastic and nickel metal metals.

 Eczema treatment: This disease is long-term. It is desirable to stay away from the causes of this disease, but it is not always possible. However, it is possible to keep the disease in good condition. For this, patients have to be firmly committed to chronic or long-term eczema.