Women Problem-Breast cancer risk increases the birth control pills!

Women Problem-Breast cancer risk increases the birth control pills!

According to a study, the risk of breeding breast cancer increases to 50 percent due to the use of birth control pills or birth control medicines. The US researcher team tested on patients with 1,100 cancer patients, who have or have been taking past control pills in the past or present, more than 50 percent of those women have breast cancer risk.

Experts say that after 10 months of breaching the birth control pill, no symptoms of breast cancer are observed or feared. However, if the low level of estrogen levels are low, then the risk is low in the study.

Researchers at the Fred Hockinson Cancer Research Center in America also know that breast cancer is usually of very few people, but since women use different type of birth control medicines, especially women who use berth control pills, they are more likely to have breast cancer risk. Therefore, caution is necessary for the formulation of birth control medication and formulations of different types of birth control.

Before taking birth control pills, you should discuss different aspects of birth control and other alternate ways with the physician’s physician.

It is known that in the last 30 years the level of the compound pillar of estrogen has been reduced further. Still, researchers say they still do not know how much the level of breast cancer risk reduces or if the probability is the same! According to them, there is a lot of research needed in this regard.

According to medical doctors, women under 40 years of age do not have the risk of breast cancer. Whether he is taking pills or not. However, new studies show that breast cancer risk increases by 50 percent due to using estrogen berth control combined pill.

According to 21,952 patients who follow the restrictions, 1,102 people have been studying for 10 years, and researchers have received this information.

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