What is the site map and why it is needed

What is the site map and why it is needed

What is the site map and why it is needed
What is the site map and why it is needed

Many people have probably heard of Sitemap’s name. Especially those who use website design or website may feel that this name is known. But many do not know what it really is or why it needs it. As a result, many people may not look at this matter when creating a website. But really its importance is very much. Let’s find out the details.

What is sitemap?

Sitemap is a medium in which links to all pages of a website are available. According to the sitemap’s condition, all pages of a website are included in the link sitemap. Using which all links to a website get Google, many of which may not be found by Google during the normal crow. So Sitemap helps Google to crawl all the links and show it on Google search.
Apart from Sitemap, different types of files are set differently, such as video, image, news etc. In the case of video sitemaps, information about the length of the video (how many minutes of video), division, family is useful, etc. Image sitemap refers to the type of image, image content, copyright issues, etc. You can also provide more detailed information on Sitemap such as when it is last updated, how long can it be updated again.

Sitemap cases where useful

1.If your web site content changes regularly,

2.If your website contains pages or content that is usually not able to find Googlebot during crum like image or high quality AJAX files

3.There are huge archives of page content on your website that are not linked to one another well or have not been linked to one.

4.If your website is new and links from one page to another page are low (Googlebot visits the link from the link to crush the website and collects the information from the website.) So if there is a short link, you can not find all the pages.


1.If you use WordPress or other CMS, then there may be plugins that automatically create a sitemap for your website. For this, see the plugin section of CMS.

2.Many third party websites create sitemaps for free. You can try them out.

3.When looking at the sitemap, it is necessary to see if the correct rules are being made. Although the link can be used only, but if the information is made in detail then the results will be found better.