Use of WordPress Guide

best wordpress website designs the reasons for learning WordPress are important for you

Use of WordPress Guide
Use of WordPress Guide

As the Internet progresses, the importance of social media has increased more than ever before. Also, blogging is very popular now to know the opinions of young generation or to give them their opinion. WordPress is the most used for blogging. And so if you want to go to a professional position, you must learn WordPress.

WordPress is free and web-based Open Source software (Software). That is, developers can change their minds if they want. Due to the flexibility of open source software, WordPress has gradually become the preferred content management system for a large number of users, through which Web content (content) or blog content is created, edited and managed. The biggest advantage of WordPress is that you will not know anything in PHP or HTML. The developer has to think about the site’s look and content creator, without any kind of coding. WordPress has easy accessibility and dashboard accessibility through which a user can easily create a website and manage and post the blog itself, despite having no knowledge about web developments. For this reason the user will not have any technical knowledge. And at the end of all there is the built-in SEO facility.

WordPress theme customization allows you to change the look of your website when you are happy. Some of the more important features of WordPress are links management, blog post indexing and the opportunity to develop content for multiple authors on the same blog or website. Import from other blogs to WordPress. It works well with other blogging services such as trackbacks and pingbacks.

WordPress has many benefits related to security. Such as spam control, visitor comments, user registration and password protection in some selected posts. This content management system has many more compatibile plugins that will enhance your love for blogging.

WordPress started but was a personalized communication tool for people. But now it is not a private transaction, as well as in some parts of the business world. WordPress can easily create and maintain blogging sites. So business organizations can communicate with their targeted customers and exchange views.

Hack is the latest version of WordPress Fault

The latest version of WordPress 3.9.3, 4.1.1, there are some problems on the 412 and 42. For that reason, this version of WordPress can be easily hacked. This problem is called “Zero Day”.

And due to this fault, the attacker is able to easily capture many of the WordPress website system using JavaScript when commenting on WordPress. Also, you can get the benefit of adding more hacking codes through the plugin or theme editor.

Moreover, due to the fault, hackers can easily change the admin password. Create a new administrator account to the account from which the admin can do everything.

However, the WordPress team is very important to solve the problem quickly and with a new version has been released. So if this is still the old version from your WordPress website, then please update as soon as possible. From the dashboard you can update or you can download WordPress 4.2.1.

Use of WordPress Guide

WordPress is relatively easy to use. Because of the simple and friendly design, and other characteristics of the menu. WordPress you can learn easily and the change easily, so you can post. So you will not go jhamelateo learn coding.

1.To change something in your WordPress site, first log in.

2.After logging in, the Dashboard will come in the homepage of your main administrator

3.You can see your site name (title) at the top of the dashboard and above all other pages.

4.Whenever a new facility will be added to WordPress, you will see it as a ‘New Feature Pointer’. The pointer will go away when clicking on the Dismiss button below this pointer.

5.If you log in as an administrator on your site, you will see the toolbar at the top of the screen. But you can not see it without logging in. This means that your visitors will not see this toolbar even if they do not login.

6. WordPress is based primarily on posts and pages – these two concepts. Blog entry is posted. And the pages are static content. You can share and tag the post according to its type. But you can not do anything on this page.

7.If you do not like the format of the blog post, you can change it.