Take care of newborn babies and keep them safe….


How much of their newly born newborns is the wealth of their home The arrival of a new guest in the house brings great joy to everyone. There are fears in between. Is the proper care of a newborn baby? We are going to talk to a child teacher today and give you some guidance.


What to do next after birth:

* Give newborn baby to mother’s milk


* Bath newborn baby. Of course, after 3 days of birth


* Take care of baby shower


* Cut the stranger’s hair


Take care of her eyes, take care of skin.


* Allow all vaccinations on time.


Problems that might occur:

* Problems in breathing after childbirth


* Baby after birth does not cry


* Occasional seizure


* Baby becoming unconscious


* Increased body temperature


* The body becomes cold


* Hold the body yellow color


* Many bad stomachs or pums have accumulated in the navel


* Continuous vomiting


* Baby movement is less than usual


* The child is very weak, such as the difficulty of crying, sometimes neglected


If you do not breathe, then do your work

* Clean the entire body of the baby with clear soft cloth very well.


* If the green toilet closes in the nose, mouth and ears, then tug the fingers with your fingers.


* Tilt the baby downwards from the back to the back of the back and repeatedly rub it with the lower part of the palm of the hand.

* Look at the baby’s body color and breathing. If the lips of the child, the tongue of the whole face is pink, and breathes regularly, then give breast milk to the child.

If you do not breathe, then do not do that

* Do not flush the stranger by turning the head downwards


* Do not hurt him anywhere in the body


* Do not leave cold water in the baby’s body


* Do not blow ears or nose


* Do not pressure the baby’s cage


Do not leave a stranger to wait for the pregnancy


* Do not drink honey or sugar water

Care for the newborn baby’s summer

Never use too much powder or oil on your baby’s skin, which is harmful for the skin’s soft skin. The use of more powder than necessary causes the skin of the skin to close the lymphoma and the physical process is interrupted. It can cause a baby’s headache and rash. Never get out of the sun with a new baby baby Do not sneeze in front of a newborn baby. Keep the child in a cool and comfortable environment. If the body is scorched, then gently rub it with dry soft cloth. Teach children to wear cotton and soft coatings. Give the newborn Baby’s mother plenty of water and liquory foods. In this, the child will get adequate nutrition from breast milk.


Newborn baby care in winter

Put the baby in cotton cloth and keep it with soft cotton. Use sweaters in more winter. Use baby oil or lotion on baby skin. Open the door windows of the house during the day so that the sun and the warm air can enter the house.


The baby’s clothes do not dry in the house and dry it in the sun. While sleeping at night, the baby sleeps in the diapra. Do not keep the baby in a different sway. She will sleep with her parents. This will keep the child warm, will increase sincerity with the parents and the benefit of breast feeding. Try not to take children out of the house. If you want to sun-light, put the sun to bed on the balcony of the house or in the balcony of the house. If there is a cough, if you can not breathe, if you are not able to drink milk, you should consult your doctor if you have ribs in the baby’s breath.