Is fruits forbidden for diabetics patients?

Is fruits forbidden for diabetics patients?

It is important to measure diabetes glycemic index or gi diabetic diet. GI is the glaisic index. After eating a meal, after mixing it with blood, the rate of blood sugar increases at the right rate, its index or index. The food that is as low as GI, increases the blood and the blood increases at the same rate. Again, the high GI diet quickly accumulates in blood and increases blood sugar, which is harmful for diabetic and drug users. If GI is 70 or more then the food is called hi gi or high GI food. But of happiness, most of the fruits are medium GI (56 to 69) or lower GI (55 or below). GI calculates a diabetic patient can eat moderately for every day.

High GI Fruits: Watermelon (80), date (100).

Medium GI Fruits: Mango (60), Papaya (60), Pineapple (66), Banana (58).

Low GI Fruits: Apple (34), pears (41), orange (40), grapes (43), strawberries (40).


GI profile

Nowadays, low GI rice, low GI flour etc. are available in the market. Lying at low GI food every now and then. But the low GI foods do you mean?

If the GI is 55 or less then it is called Low GI. The medium GI is 56 to 69. If the GI is 70 or more, then it is high GI food.

High GI: White rice, potato, cornflakes, flour or white flour, any sweet food.

Medium GI: Surface, corn made cereals, basmati rice, baked potato, pulses.

Low GI: Nuts, pasta, red rice, red flour, milk, curd, most vegetables, whole seeds and grains.