Say No To Addiction

Say No To Addiction

Consuming unhealthy stuffs have always been a worldwide problem. Teenagers and young people have always been the victims of addiction. All of them are mostly addicted to nicotine like cigarettes, weed, vape etc. All these harmful addictions slowly kill them and harm their immune system. Another deadly consumption is alcohol. There are some people who are so addicted to it that they can’t live without it a single day. Sniffing drugs is also a common addiction. Moreover, there are several people who are chain smokers. Do they know 1 cigarette can take away 5 minutes of their lives? Cigarette is also getting expensive day by day due to heavy consumption. So people are actually wasting a lot of money behind these harmful addictions, which at the end of the day is costing their health. They might have to take regular medicines due to the occurrence of sicknesses like cough, heavy cold, sneezing, head ache etc. Therefore, we all should try to avoid these harmful addictions as much as possible.

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