There is no income from the website - why and solutions

There is no income from the website – why and solutions

There is no income from the website - why and solutions
There is no income from the website – why and solutions

There is no income from the website – why and solutions

It is possible to earn a lot of money from the website, many people spend money on creating a beautiful website, said the website does not have income or the correct income paths can not be used on the website. As Google AdSense is not available, visitors do not come, advertisers are uninterested, etc. And there can be many reasons. Due to the lack of proper practice, maybe your website’s income is decreasing. If you follow these steps correctly, the income will increase just like that. Today, I will talk about these issues here. Hopefully, you can increase your website revenue by utilizing it.

Content Quality

The first condition to increase the income of any website is the quality content. Quality Content, which will mean content that is meant to be used by the visitor, will often spend a lot of time on your website to know what they want to know and what they want to know. That means more time they want to stay on your website to learn more. However, if they have any restrictions to see or read content, they may not be able to stay longer. So easy to use but if you use good quality content then they will have more time on your website and will help you increase your website revenue. So it is possible to increase visitor and income through regular publication of rich content rich content.

Design Quality

Good quality content as well as good quality website design also needs to increase website revenue. Easy to use in design, restriction to see content or not being disturbed, it is easy to find information or to stay in the menu. If you want to go somewhere else from here to visit the content, it will mislead the user, and as a result, he will not want to stay on the website long and will not be interested to come back later. There are many websites where surveys or links are clicked or clicked on the ad then the content is shown and you yourself also avoid such websites. Just like the visitors of your website. So easy access, not confusing and easy to find all the information can be called quality designs and if you use simple design like this, you never have to say that the website does not have income.


SEO can be one of the major reasons why the website does not have revenue. Visitors to the website and the need for income to reach the content of the website to everyone. And the most effective way to do this is to make SEO properly so that the visitor can search for any content, search engines can show them your content and help increase your website visitors. This will increase the revenue of your website. However, it is important to take the right approach when doing SEO. If you stop doing black hat SEO then you will lose the visitor after listing your website search engines. Search engines are always careful to show the best content to their users, so you must be careful about this also. Many people use the content of another to increase the link from other websites. Search engines also see that, and also see it as a black hat SEO. So using SEO’s copyrighted content can also make your website dangerous for SEO.


Marketing is certainly essential for increasing website visitors. Website marketing can be done in many ways. The procedure may vary according to the type of website. Advertisements can be made using Facebook or Google AdWords (Advertising) through advertisements, advertisements can be posted on Facebook, and can be uploaded on the same content on YouTube, uploading the same videos on the same category, and increasing the visitor’s website. But the method which does not use it, it must not be reversed. For example, using other content, spamming or misleading visitors, marketing will certainly be counterproductive and you may lose the visitor. By regular marketing, you will be able to increase the income from the website by increasing the visitor’s website.

Use of all the means to raise income

If you want to increase revenue from the website, you can use all the means of income. Explain all means that in all the ways it means to use all the means of earning from a website. For example, to advertise the use of affiliate advertisements, to use affiliation, to view contents from a member’s membership, to give advertisements directly to the advertising company so that you can contact the spaces to keep the arrangements. It allows you to take advantage of income from all types of content users and can increase the revenue of the website. In addition to Google AdSense, there are many good advertising agencies who offer good payouts like Adsense for advertising space. And there is no restriction on the use of these ads with Adsense. So you can easily use these ads. However, when applying on the website, it must be ensured that the amount of advertising does not become excessive and advertisers are not able to view content or use your website.

Regular updates to the website

Regular updates to the website are also important for increasing revenue. If your website is not regularly updated, old but regular web sites will be used to reduce the number of visitors because they are not new to them and new ones may not be coming to your website because you are losing user and earning less. So, updating website regularly can increase the income from the website.