Google Ad-sense can kill your dream!

Google Ad-sense can kill your dream!

Google Ad-sense is a brand itself. People go crazy when they hear this name. People always find shortcuts for earning. But there is no shortcut to success. Google Ad-sense is a really easy way for earning by clicking on ads. Making earning apps is also not a difficult task. However, it can be deadly too. Google has got a lot of tough rules. If you are not ready to follow them and deceive Google for the sake of earning, then Google will directly suspend or ban you, without even warning. So we should be extra careful while using this method. Ad-sense also has a thumb and fast rule of withdrawing the money when the threshold reaches $100. But what happens when your id gets suspended before reaching this threshold? All your hard work and money go in vein. You become hopeless. So, think twice before using Google Ad-sense.

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