Kidney pain is the problem of kidney?

Kidney pain is the problem of kidney?

A light cinechine pain on the back side of the waist – many people panic over such symptoms, and the doctor was scared. Did my kidney be bad? I hear kidney problems are the pain behind? Most patients in the waist feel that they have problems with their kidneys. But to be honest, if you do not have kidney stone or bad type of infection, it is not a pain. In addition to any pain and pain, kidneys may be bad. There are many causes and sources of waist pain.


Kidney Disease Symptoms or Pain

  1. Kidney pain is usually slightly away from the spine right or left side. It is supposed to be felt in the lower part of the back rib. This pain can move and also on both sides of the waist. It comes from this pain, does not fit in comfort or anything.
  2. Pain is not the main symptom of kidney problems, it causes water flushing, weakness, dehydration and vomiting.
  3. Infections can cause fever, with this pain.

4.Urine can be dull, stomach or blood.

  1. The amount of urine is low-intensity. Can have anemia. There will be history of long-term uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, infection, painkillers, etc., due to bad kidney failure.

What is the meaning of waist pain?

  1. Most waist pain is usually muscular, spinal bone, disc, joint and neuralgia.
  2. It is across specific parts.
  3. The pain increases as the movement of the spine, such as rushing, front-facing, walking or standing, working for a long time or lying.
  4. Normally there is no fever (except for tumor, TB etc.). Problems with weakness, anemia, anorexia, vomiting, etc. are usually not related.
  5. Normally it is better to use rest and painkillers; Closing the pain again comes back.