Benefits of beta leafy!

Benefits of beta leafy!

Benefits of beta leafy!
Benefits of beta leafy!

Bastak is another name for this beto leaf that is grown around our home. The trees are small, the leaves of the leaves are like a soft leaf, but the leaves are laced with waves. Botanical name – Chenopodium album Linn These trees are usually febrile. A type of red leafy leafy leafy found. Another type of betel leaf named Chandan Beto is found. Better Spinach, Bile and Cafetericide and Fuel Enhancer It’s alkaline. It has wormwood power.


1. With a half-pounding whey, one spoon will be stopped by the wicker juice.

2. If you are sick, then dry the leftover vegetables first and make a powder. Then mix it with a little curd and eat it.

3. Browbeats bring cheer to the mouth. The person who suffers from rubbish, if he is eating it first as a vegetable, then the taste will come.

4. Pulse the rosary juice 3 or 4 teaspoons a bit. Playing it with buffalo milk will stop the bleeding.

5. The dry coughs will be removed for a while after eating beta leaf.

6. To overcome the problems of small worms, then every morning, 2 or 3 teaspoons of paneer juice in a small amount of fresh juice in the morning.

7. If the rosary is eaten on every noon, then the action of the lymph and liver will be normal and strong.

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