Men are more skilled than men!

Men are more skilled than men!

Studies have shown that there are some amazing qualities of women that are absent among men. Today we will discuss some of them among them. Let’s see if the reader is more skilled than women.

1. Women are more clean

According to one study by Sun Diago Stat University of Officer, women’s house and workplace materials are more compact than men. It is also found in the study that there is an increase of 10% to 20% of the bacteria in men’s office / housing compared to women’s clothing and housing. Naturally, this bacteria is due to the immaturity of the male.

2. Women are more self-reliant in interviewing / giving

According to the University of Oestern Ontario, women are more self-reliant than men (especially job / wedding interviews) talking to other human beings. Because if women are going to face someone, mentally they themselves are already open. And make all possible words.

3. Women are more appealing

In the evolutionary terms, women are getting very appealing and appealing to see day by day. At the same time, men’s age has changed in the same mentality and fashion thinking from many ages. According to the information found in the London-based Telegraph magazine, more than 2,000 people, during the four-age (48 years) periods, have found that the women who look beautiful have 16% more children than other (mango / normal) women (because of beautiful women Her husband is particularly interested in Milan, so in a simple way, beautiful women make 16 percent more pregnant than women.) And the first child of beautiful women gave birth to 36% girl child. The beautiful girl is being born as a geneticist (usually mother is beautiful girl) in this lively matad lounge. That means the day the girl child is seeing the light of the world with more than its appearance.

4. Men in the car accidentally survive more than men, miraculously survived

The sad news is that “77% more likely to die in male females than in car accidents” – this information was found in a study by Carnegie Milon University. Women should be thanked for help when they call you for a seat belt / helmet.

5. Women seek more comfort than men

According to a mental survey conducted between 2,000 people, women discuss their problems with a greater degree than men. 53% of the women who worry about them talk with friends and ask for help to get rid of problems. On the other hand, only 29% of the men talk to Aponjon to solve their problems.

6. More economic slowdowns than men and women

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from the month of December 2007 till now, 80% of the people who lost their jobs due to economic recession have been male. Maybe it may be due to the fact that the rate of exclusion in male head fields – such as manufacturing, factory insurance, insurance etc. However, because of the percentage of job security, more than women

7. Girls are doing good results in studies than boys

If you look at the result of examinations in the past, girls will see better results compared to boys. The boys are far behind than the amount of time a girl can read in the table. Students are more careful in the study of concentration. Therefore, the success rate of women in the education sector is increasing gradually. In terms of age, girls are earning higher secondary / higher secondary / graduate degrees than boys. At the age of five (5) years, the average age of the students in the western world is higher than the students, in Graduation.

8. Women take healthy food

One of the 14,000 people conducted by the University of Minnisota shows that women take a healthy look at healthy foods compared to men during feeding. Men get a lot of hygienic and junk food in front of people who swallow very quickly. On the other hand, women are hard to eat, eat hot food, do not accept healthy foods, and show more interest in vegetables and fruits. In all, women are very health conscious. But women are a little weak on chocolate – they do not have the time to deny even if they want.

9. Women have strong immune systems

If a person is sick, male scavengers may be like a fever flame. Medical evidence proves that women’s immune system is more than men. If there is a slight war in the human body – the secret weapon called “hormone” in the body of the woman, it ensures victory. McGill University’s research found that the erectogen is a kind of strong protector for the fight against infections. Because the estrogen produces an enzyme that causes problems in the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

10. Women live longer days

In the current world, 85% of the population in the population above the age of 100 years, women are 5 to 10 years older than men.

11. Women in management, especially financially, are good

In management, women are far ahead of men. One of the main reasons for this – recognizes a lot of anguish in many things, but at the same time, it is better to do many types of work. Women are more capable of imposing work load on others and implementing them than male workers. They are skilled in activating emotions among the sub-staff / colleagues.

12. Women are successful in investing

According to the results obtained by monitoring the information of 100,000 applicants, women investors Between men and women, 11% to 18% more successful. Women’s long-term relationship before investing