The habits that reduce brain efficiency

There are many practices that reduce our brain efficiency. That has a profound effect in our daily lives. Let’s know, some of the habits reduce our brain performance.


  1. Insufficient sleeping


There are many of you who watch TV all night, many work all night, many people read books all night long. Thus, after sleeping night passed over night. It’s too bad for your body but for your body. This can make you sick. This practice also reduces your intelligence. For this, a normal person needs a complete 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Your intelligence level may fall down to 6 to 4 degrees just for less than 1 hour.


  1. Viewing Regular Reality Show-


Many of you have seen regular reality shows, these people’s intelligence gradually decreases. One study found that those who do not see reality shows compared to those who watch reality shows, their intelligence is much more. So this kind of habit should be abandoned.


  1. Sugar reduces brain performance


A study of the US UCLA found that daily consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc. decreases the efficiency of the brain gradually. As a result, new things can be remembered or destroyed by some learning tendencies.

  1. If you do more than one work, the brain’s performance decreases-

Many work together a lot of things. It can reduce their intelligence a lot. Especially those who work on several electronic products at the same time, talking about the camera, as well as taking photos with them, their intelligence is greatly reduced. This information came out in a study by Stanford University.




  1. Regular chewing gum loses brain performance –


This information comes out from Cardiff University’s three studies. There, it can be seen that the person’s chewing gum reduces the short-term memory. There the children worked after the chewing gum, they could not recognize the arranged objects. Those who were not given chewing gum were much faster than them.


  1. Due to the additional use of PowerPoint-


One study found that the use of an overdue PowerPoint reduces the intelligence of people. Those who work with PowerPoint have the power to decide on their thinking and difficult decisions.


  1. Excessive fat reduces brain performance-


A 2010 study found that the intelligence of some of the most intimate individuals had increased in intelligence after two weeks of intelligence.


  1. Due to smoking, the efficiency of the brain decreases-


Many of us smoke Many times, while smoking a few times while giving a chat, we smoke together. One study found that in such habits, intelligence decreased considerably.

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