What is the way to quit masturbation? Do not be shy, know!

What is the way to quit masturbation? Do not be shy, know!

Masturbation can be called a mortal unpalatable bad habit. Even if many doctors in the medical field want to say it is a normal sexual behavior. Some people want to find some good points in it. Some say that, through masturbation, men or women can satisfy their own sexual needs and through this they can be satisfied.

Many men feel impaired due to excessive alcoholism. The main reason for this is to start dyslexically at a young age and to make them dysfunctional in the wrong way. Those who are immersed in young age, they are suffering from various complications in life after marriage. Even if the normal growth of sex is interrupted due to non-immunity, the size of the sex can be small.

Therefore, parents should keep the child in surveillance at the age of their time and make arrangements for sexual matters. It may be mentioned here that in the neighboring country of India, education from third grade is included in the issue of sex education. But because of shame and social reasons, we have been in a lot of darkness.

Due to excessive dysfunction, energy loss and anthropologist suffer from physical problems. It is worth mentioning:

Physical pain and dizziness.

-Does weaken the nervous system associated with sexual activity or cause conditions to work properly.

– Other parts of the body such as digestive tract and pus problems cause problems.

– The vision weakens and causes headaches.

Happiness comes in quickness and many others can filter nerves.

-The person is unable to have any difficult physical or mental work, he usually tries to remain solitary and impairs his knowledge.

– The main reason for the emission of seminal fluids is excessively addictive.

And therefore, we should give the right to quit as soon as possible.

Masturbation quit tips:
– Mark the time when masturbation is over. If you are excited about bathing or going to sleep, or at some point of time, if you have a desire to do it, then immediately take any physical work. Such as booked or any other exercise. As long as the body is tired, that is, there is no power to masturbate, then do that work or exercise. Just wake up while bathing, use only cold water and leave the bath immediately after bathing.

– Do not look down on girls. Seeing them or seeing them, look out the mind and the eyes. Think of your mother or sister.

– Keep yourself busy as busy as possible.

– Be patient. One day, get rid of intoxication, it will not be so. If there is concentration, then gradually go out from any addicts. Sometimes it will be wrong. Do not give up and leave all of them frustrated. Try it.

– Avoid porn and shorts in any way.

– Take a computer to the living room when you see it on the computer so others can see what you are doing. It will reduce the desire to enter the porn site.

– Throw things away that move you towards masturbation, stay away from them. If you want to get rid of excessive masturbation, then waste them if there are porn movies or glasses. Burn or tear Remove from the hard drive or memory immediately. Before using the Internet, browse the browser parental control and block the ad content. If you have any sex toys then garbage now.

– Masturbation will not be left entirely. Imagine yourself that sometimes you do. Not frequently

– Avoid those who talk about bad things or girls, or talk about porn movies or cats.

– Never be alone when it is highly addicted to masturbation, spend less time in the house, spend more time outside. You can jog, walk around the bike. Students can study together with classmates if they are students. Can spend time visiting libraries or coffee shops.

– Do not fall asleep during the evening. If you do not do anything, watch the movie or read the book.

– You can play video games. It will also forget about masturbation.

– Avoid sexual matters altogether. Do not listen to any such words or comments.

– Set small targets. Suppose do not masturbate the first target twice a day. If you can not do two days, gradually increase the time.

– When you do not go to bed. Sit down and sit with others.

– Try to come out of the bathroom as soon as possible while having a bath shower.

Whenever the thought of sexual thought will arise, then think about something else.

– Spend more time with friends and family.

– Meditate or meditate. Yoga can be exercised.

Think about your own family, think about those who are with you.

– Avoid PhoneSecs

Do not make any mistake to help others. Share the room with someone in the night while masturbating. Keep the window open and sleep in the light. When you see that you can not succeed alone in all your efforts, then friends, family, doctors – they can be helped. There is nothing to shame here.

– Do not sleep on the top.

– Do not eat excitatory and grapefruit foods after the afternoon.

– Lie down with the girlfriends or lovers, do not love loneliness.