What is Child Health Services?

What is Child Health Services?

Child care refers to birth care and child care from birth to five years of age. After the age of five, the school health worker team took charge of the child’s health. The health worker working for the MCH service may or may not be part of the school health team.

Baby’s health begins with the birth of girl child, who is actually the child’s future mother. Child health care starts with fetal care. After that, newborn care for 28 days after birth, child care for one month to 12 months of age, child care for one year to two years of care and pre-school child care for two years. The purpose of providing child health care in this way is to:

1.Each child gets enough care and proper nutrition

2.Monitor their growth and development and identify if any deviations are noticed and take timely treatment.

3.Before diagnosing illness and being in bad condition, treat it without any delay

4.Take care by trained person

5.To educate mother and family members and to provide proper care of children by promoting their health, children’s health care at various stages of childhood is presented here.

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