Why and how is the computer?

Why and how is the computer?

This is why the computer hangs more. And this virus closes the process of some operating system files, which causes the computer to hang out. Use high quality anti-virus software on your computer.

1.If the speed of the computer processor is less than the speed or speed.

2.Computers work more than RAM. Your computer is less RAM, but you have started a large number of programs. Then it will be.

3.If the connection to the computer hard disk and the connection to the processor is not correct, the same problem can be repeatedly

4.If it is hanging repeatedly, then cooling fan checks whether it is speedy.

5.If there are bad sectors in the hard disk or other hardware, then there are errors.

6.If there is an error on the operating system, then it means … a system file file is being deleted. That is why the computer may have problems.

7.Usually infected with a computer virus can happen.

8.RAM is fully loaded when running high graphics, and it is possible to hang.

9.If the computer files are randomly arranged, then the possibility of hanging. pressing the refresh and pressing the tree in RUN.

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