Google Ad-sense can kill your dream!

Formula to be successful using AdSense

Adsense is easy to use, but it is very difficult to succeed. If you have been using Adsense, you have surely found it. But how can google adsense be successful?

AdSense Revenue = Good Quality Content + Adequate Visitor + Good Payment Ads + Reasonable Advertising + Correct Design and Proper Location of Ads

You must not know rocket science to understand this formula and understand why to follow this formula. The reason is very common one thing.

Good quality content:If your website does not have good quality content, visitors will not want to visit your website naturally. And if the visitor is not, then from where will your website earn? So depending on the type of website it is very important to publish content and to always keep content in mind. Also, regular content will be published. So that the visitors come back again and again.

Enough visitor:It is very important to arrange the website to visit regular visitors. That means you need to make the necessary SEO and bring regular visitors through Social Marketing or Email Marketing. However, in this case, no illegal or forbidden or user-friendly technique can not be used. You can find out about this in the previous post. SEO is the best medium to get good quality visitors.

Reasonable advertising:If you do not show ads (Relevant Ads) in line with your website’s type, your income may decrease. However, if your website is on a specific topic then this is true. You can choose which ads to show on your website. Although many people do not know about this. Actually, Google AdSense does not always show advertisements in relation to the type of website. Sometimes AdSense also shows ads that do not match the content of your website. Reasons for re-targeting and other advertisements. That is, many times the visitor is asked to show the same advertisements repeatedly. That ad may also be shown on your website. As a result, your income may decrease. So you can block ads like this from Adsense’s settings. One more thing to keep in mind is, Google AdSense Text (Text) advertising platform. This means that the ads will be displayed based on your website’s writing. In this case, if you are a photo blogger then you must try to provide adequate text in conjunction with the topic of each photo.