Is your website suitable for AdSense?

Is your website suitable for AdSense?

Reasons to get rid of Google Adsense

1.According to the Google AdSense policy, if there is content on some topics, then AdSense will not be allowed to do so. For example, content created using additional bad language, content created for adult, content related to drugs, copyrighted content, violent content, content, hacking and cracking content created by attacking a person or group or company, arms related content or any illegal Content

2.If the website is designed due to problems in the design, it is difficult to use the website, or if any of the information or posts of the website are not easily accessible then the site will be from Adsense. That means, to get AdSense, your website should be easy to use, so that users can easily access your website and find the necessary information.

3.If your website visitor comes from a source that is anti-AdSense, then your website may be a website. Such as Paid to Click, Spam Email, or Unwanted Email Marketing. That means that the visitor will not be able to bring the desired page (redirect) to your liking.

4.It is not true that there will be a lot of visitors to get your website to AdSense but your visitor needs to have some adsense. Because if you do not have a visitor to your website then you will not get income. So Google will always look at your website as the minimum visitor to consider for your website AdSense. However, in the case of 15 to 20 visitors a day, your site will be allowed. In any case, these visitors can not be fake or fake visitors.

5.If you have created your website new and did not submit your website to the search engine, then your website’s AdSense application may be canceled. That is, to show your website in the search engine, what you have to do first is to take it first.

6.Many times many people copy and paste many posts or images from other websites while creating content and link them as a reference. Yet it is out of Google’s rules. However, if the copyrighted content is allowed to be published with link or the source of permission information, then there will be no problem. Otherwise your Adsense application will be rejoined.

7.There are many websites that publish user-based content. Such as a forum or a Multi Blog Site. There should be a proper monitoring of the content of these websites. This means that if users are posted on Google AdSense, then they should have a system to delete or not display ads there. Otherwise AdSense is not for these websites.