Google Ad-sense can kill your dream!

There are some strategies for putting Adsense code in WordPress

Currently most of the websites are designed using WordPress (CMS). Because this CMS can be customized anyway, any function can be used and there are many plugins for different purposes which can easily be used to complete a website. So you can easily make your website look like WordPress using WordPress. And if you are using Google AdSense in WordPress, remember that WordPress is the best CMS AdSense I have ever seen.

In this post, I will talk about how to place ads in different places in WordPress. But I’m not going to coding. That is, in some places you may have to crawl your Adsense code in WordPress. For example if there is no space for Header advertising in the theme and if you want to add AdSense ads to the theme, you must change the WordPress coding of the theme.

Theme Support and Space:In most WordPress themes, there is space to add the space. Such as header add space, at the beginning or end of the post, etc. in the sidebar. And in these add-ons, you can easily display Adsense ads by setting the add code from the theme’s setting. There are many themes in place to place headers add code. In that case you can add other place add-ons to plugins. Theme options are available on Appearance (see login to WordPress and left menu). Sometimes there is a different name as the top menu (at any place on the left side). So you have to look a little bit.

Many times, to place headers and sidebar ads, the theme option is not to put code in the widget option. You can find out about the next point.