Celebrities Vs Commoners

Who is a celebrity? And who is a commoner? Both the categories are human beings. Then why do we consider celebrity as extraordinary or different? That’s because everyone knows them. But we are the ones who made them a celebrity. We made them so famous. For instance, if we didn’t make Sifat Ullah’s videos so viral, then how would he become so famous? Some celebrities are really humble, whereas some are full of attitude. We often go crazy for taking the autograph of our favorite celebrities or clicking a picture with them. Also if we could meet them for a while. But it is really hard to have such facilities. Some celebrities might show attitude and avoid us or don’t let us click a picture with them. We commoners should not lose our self respect at any cost. We shouldn’t run after these celebrities and deteriorate our value. Instead, we should develop ourselves and do something good for the country. Then only everyone will know us. We also should not give the celebrities so much importance. We commoners should be focusing on our targets and stay humble to everyone. But then again, there is a huge difference between celebrities and commoners.

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