Say no to contact lens!

The use of contact lenses are increasing day by day. People mostly teenagers and youngsters, who have eye problems use it. Before, they used to use it occasionally, but now they use it everywhere, if needed and also if not needed. They use it in their educational institutions and also in parties, programs and events. However, they have no clue how harmful it can be. They can even lose their eyesight because of contact lenses. One of the dark side of wearing of wearing contact lenses is it blocks oxygen supply to the eyes. The second one is it dries the eyes. It reduces the amount of tears getting on the cornea as they soak up almost all the tears to keep itself soft. Moreover, wearing contact lenses for a long time in the sun can lead to cornea infection. It takes a long time to recover from this illness. Therefore, people should absolutely avoid wearing contact lenses. Instead, they should wear spectacles. It has no side effects at all. Wearing spectacles might not suit everyone, but people’s eyes will at least be safe. So, contact lenses should be banned. People should take care of their eyes and go for a regular check up.