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social networking

The use of social networking sites are increasing day by day. The most common are facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, google+, skype, viber, snapchat, linkedin, Youtube etc. Among them the most usable and famous are facebook, snapchat and youtube. Sometimes people go to such extent for being famous on these social networking sites. Youtube is mostly used for sharing videos. People are also paid uploading their videos on youtube. Facebook is mostly used for sharing posts or statuses, uploading pictures etc. The features of facebook is enhancing day by day. It has come up with unique features like colourful background, selling things, finding suitable jobs which will definitely attract the audience. Facebbok messenger has got story updating or my day option which is really attractive. A lot of people use this feature nowadays compared to the other ones. However, the network or call quality of facebook is extremely poor. It needs to be improved or enhanced as soon as possible. This is where whatsapp and viber overtake facebook. Call and picture quality of  both of them is genuinely good, but they lack the unique features like facebook. Therefore, all these social networking sites should come up with more unique features to attract the audience.

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