How to overcome from a relationship break up?

Overcoming from a relationship break up is a really tough challenge. It even takes years for the people to get out of it and forget the partner. However, nothing is impossible. Anything can be achieved, if tried with heart and soul. A broken, devastated and completely shattered person can try out a lot of things to get out of the sadness and depression after break up. Firstly the person should get busy in some good and interesting stuffs like watching movies, listening to party songs (of course not sad or depressing songs), going on a hangout with friends, talking over phone with close people etc. They can also try to find a part time job, get busy in their works and earn a lot of money. They can also get engaged in social welfare such as charity, doing something for the poor, donation etc. They can also participate in volunteering and events and get certificates, which will help them, get a better job. Secondly, the person should of course share all the problems with her nearest and dearest ones and not keep the things within him/her. All these strategies will help them to recover at a slow and steady process.

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