Smartphone: Human Virus

human virus

Smartphone is always the root of all problems, which parents say all the time. It is true in a sense. Teenagers and youngsters have become really addicted to cell phones. A small child who was born a few days’ back even cries for a smart phone, otherwise he/she will not eat. A student might even spend the entire day chatting on the phone and not studying at all. This will in turn result in bad results. Boys and girls have become addicted to such level towards this device that they even don’t listen to their parents after so much of scolding. Sleeping with your smart phone beside your pillow is extremely dangerous. Harmful rays come from the device, which can damage the brain cells and brain cancer can occur. Using smart phone for a long time can also harm the eyes. It reduces the power of the eyes and people might need to wear spectacles anytime. Using the device by sitting for a long time can cause severe back pain and this might turn into a really bad thing in the future. Therefore, people should use smart phones by staying in their limits and prevent themselves from this severe addiction.

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