Avoid cheating in exams!

Cheating in exam is a sin of course, but some people call it an art. Then what about those honest students, who study day and night and do such level of hard work for achieving a high CGPA and good grades? It’s obvious that if others obtain a good score or grade by unfair means then the hard working and honest students will never going to like it. This will strike their mind all the time that despite of no hard work, why are the cheaters getting good scores? It’s totally unfair. Cheating is an addiction. The students who cheat on a regular basis will never be able to get rid of this bad habit. They will take it for granted that they don’t need to study at all and keep on cheating every time. It’s a form of dishonesty. A person who has sharp eyes generally is an expert in cheating. He/she can still cheat in exam even if the other person is sitting far away. That’s why the cheaters call this an art as everyone does not have the ability to conduct cheating properly, without getting caught. But they should get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible; otherwise their future might get hampered.

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