Backbiting is a sin!

Backbiting is an extremely bad and negative thing. It is a form of sin as well. God will never forgive the person who talks behind someone’s back. That person will definitely receive severe punishments after death. Nowadays, people don’t have the guts to speak or say the truth in front of someone, that’s why they choose to speak behind people’s back. If they can’t say in front of people, then they rather shouldn’t say anything. They should keep their mouth shut instead. Backbiting can change the point of view of any person. If a person backbites about other person, then it’s obvious that he/she will think really badly of the other person. This will in turn change the bonding or relationship between both of them. Backbiting always creates clashes between two people. It creates a negative impression about someone. It intoxicates the friendship, relationship, bonding etc and makes everything poisonous. Why don’t people say good things behind our back? It doesn’t cost anything to spread positive vibes around us. We should instead start appreciating instead of backbiting. We shouldn’t let our bonding get hampered because of backbiting.  Therefore we should get rid of the poison of backbiting as soon as possible.

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