Selfishness means to do something for own self, without even thinking for others. People have no idea how much they are hurting someone close to them by being selfish. A mother can do everything for her children starting from their birth till they become adult, but a child can be selfish enough to not take care of their parents and send them to old age home. A best friend can support another all the time and stick to her through thick and thin, swipe her tears, but the other one can be selfish enough to not even call her and ask how is she! Moreover, the rich people can then be the best example for being selfish as they have everything. They are not deprived of anything. But what’s the harm in giving something to the poor people? Feeding them at least once in a week? It’s not that we will lose a lot of money because of that. If someone does something for us, then it’s obvious that in return he/she also expects something from us. So it’s our duty doing something for them or returning their favor. It will never make us small, rather it will portray us as big, kind-hearted.

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