Stop stealing and be honest

Stealing is the most common problem nowadays and recently it has increased a lot. Once a person starts stealing he gets addicted to it. A poor person chooses to steal instead of working hard and earning money. It’s not necessary for him to do a very good or big job, but he can at least do a small work to earn his living and run his family. A really rich son even starts stealing out of his own interest or addiction. He might need his pocket money to be increased, which is not happening at any cost. Therefore, he chooses to steal. He can be a drug addict too and consumes drug on a regular basis. So he might need a lot of money for his really bad addiction.  His parents are paying for his education, living and other things as well. So he should understand even if they say no for paying extra money. A thief by born cannot change his habit even if he wants too. However, people should get rid of their habit of stealing and do some proper, good, authentic work and earn money. Children on the other hand should ask money from their parents if they need it the most, of course with permission.

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