Selected the general secretary of Bangladesh’s Zinnurain Fest World Anti Terrorism in Gobindaganj

Joint General Secretary of Bangladesh Online News Portal Association,
Editor of Digital Darpan, Former International Editor of Bangabandhu Pragyan League,
Former Vice President of Dhaka North BSL League, Former student leader and youth entrepreneur,
Golamganj upazila’s Krishnan Jah Zinnarain Ullas was made general secretary 181 Member Prominent

World Anti Terrorism International organization The central committee of Bangladesh Branch was formed.
It is to be noted that the committee was constituted in the general meeting of the Bangladesh branch held on October 8,
under the chairmanship of the acting committee of World Anti Terrorism, under the chairmanship of Sagir Khan Swapan.
The Chief Electoral Officer and social worker Adam Tamiji Haque has been elected president.



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