Backbiting is a sin!

Backbiting is an extremely bad and negative thing. It is a form of sin as well. God will never forgive the person who talks behind someone’s back. That person will definitely receive severe punishments after death. Nowadays, people don’t have the guts to speak or say the truth in front of someone, that’s why they

Avoid cheating in exams!

Cheating in exam is a sin of course, but some people call it an art. Then what about those honest students, who study day and night and do such level of hard work for achieving a high CGPA and good grades? It’s obvious that if others obtain a good score or grade by unfair means

Stop stealing and be honest

Stealing is the most common problem nowadays and recently it has increased a lot. Once a person starts stealing he gets addicted to it. A poor person chooses to steal instead of working hard and earning money. It’s not necessary for him to do a very good or big job, but he can at least


Selfishness means to do something for own self, without even thinking for others. People have no idea how much they are hurting someone close to them by being selfish. A mother can do everything for her children starting from their birth till they become adult, but a child can be selfish enough to not take

How to overcome from a relationship break up?

Overcoming from a relationship break up is a really tough challenge. It even takes years for the people to get out of it and forget the partner. However, nothing is impossible. Anything can be achieved, if tried with heart and soul. A broken, devastated and completely shattered person can try out a lot of things

The dark side of relationship break up

relationship break up

Forgetting the past is really important for a better future. People who suffer a lot normally face a lot of difficulties moving on. Their deadly past haunts them all the time. Some are successful in getting out of it, where as some take a very long time. Basically, the girls face the most problems getting

Celebrities Vs Commoners

Who is a celebrity? And who is a commoner? Both the categories are human beings. Then why do we consider celebrity as extraordinary or different? That’s because everyone knows them. But we are the ones who made them a celebrity. We made them so famous. For instance, if we didn’t make Sifat Ullah’s videos so

sonam kapoor house style

part-3 It’s almost been a decade since Sonam Kapoor made her Bollywood debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. she has also grown into a global style icon. But what many don’t know is that apart from having a wardrobe to die for, Sonam Kapoor also has an enviable home. The star lives in a three-storeyed

7 Mysteries of the slim waist!

7 mysteries of the slim waist!

If there is fat or fat in the stomach, the normal movement is interrupted. And with that you lose your physical beauty. There are many people whose fat is not thick, but there is plenty of fat in the abdomen, it is a matter of concern. And this fat in the abdomen may be due

Rich Vs Poor

Rich Vs Poor

Each and every person has different lifestyles. The riches have one kind and the poor have another type. We often compare the lifestyles of both the classes. But why though? Isn’t it obvious that the filthy rich people will lead their lives in a grand way, whereas the extreme poor people might not even have