What is Child Health Services?

What is Child Health Services?

Child care refers to birth care and child care from birth to five years of age. After the age of five, the school health worker team took charge of the child’s health. The health worker working for the MCH service may or may not be part of the school health team. Baby’s health begins with

Best positions for breastfeeding! Please see (part-2)

Best breastfeeding positions 5. Side-lying Side-lying is an ideal breastfeeding position for women recovering from surgery, and for exhausted women feeding at night. Women who co-sleep with the baby tend to use this position. Some women find that it is difficult to get into the right position at first. Very small newborns may struggle with

Best positions for breastfeeding? Please see (part-1)

Best breastfeeding positions While not every woman will find the same positions comfortable or effective, some of the best breastfeeding positions include: 1. Cradle hold The cradle hold is the classic breastfeeding position. In this position, the baby feeds with its stomach against the woman’s body. To do the cradle hold: Hold the baby with

Take care of newborn babies and keep them safe….


  How much of their newly born newborns is the wealth of their home The arrival of a new guest in the house brings great joy to everyone. There are fears in between. Is the proper care of a newborn baby? We are going to talk to a child teacher today and give you some

Some health tips needed for children


How much waiting parents are for the parents Then one day the child comes to earth. After coming to Earth, the responsibilities of parents have increased. Because one is to make the child a human being. Every parent wants his child to have the right mental development. Parents have to obey many rules for the