See: what can make urination painful? (Part-2)

Additional symptoms People with ovarian cysts may experience: unusual vaginal bleeding pelvic pain difficulty recognizing that the bladder is empty after urinating painful periods breast tenderness a dull ache in the lower back 6. Interstitial cystitis Also known as bladder pain syndrome, interstitial cystitis  is a condition that causes chronic irritation of the bladder lasting

See: what can make urination painful? (Part-1)

A condition affecting the bladder or nearby parts of the body can cause painful urination. Doctors may also refer to painful urination as dysuria. Multiple potential causes for this symptom exist, and many of them are treatable. People with dysuria should make their doctor aware of any other symptoms that they are experiencing. If these

Freelancing job idea – anything that is possible

freelancer idea

Many people want to know about freelance job ideas online. What can be done in freelancing and according to which any work can be learned. But the problem is that online listings can not be done online. Kana is almost all done online or made possible Still trying to highlight some work name and details

Income from the Internet Really possible?

internet income is possible

Income from the Internet Really possible? Answer – not for you. If you think that earning money from the internet without working, you certainly do not have the answer. But if you think you want to work, you can earn income from the internet. You must pay your wages for the payment of Kenona. But

Internet Income Money Invest

Internet Income Money Invest

Many advertisements are seen on the Internet through money making, where it is said to invest some money. It is said that after a few days of investing, his money will be double or such offer. It’s best to stay away from it. Most of the advertisements like this in Kenana are fake. The main

Safe birth means healthy mother and child

Safe birth means healthy mother and child

Every family has a lot of dreams, a lot of hope, a lot of plans If mother is not cared for during pregnancy, then childbirth can be seen in different types of problems. Undesirable accident. So you have to be ready for all the time. So let’s come today, we do not know about some